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‘Your Digital Mentor’ is a free podcast series, delivered as part of a collaborative project between the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, and the Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health

Mentorship is a learned skill that can benefit many early career scientists, but access to such support is not always accessible to everyone – especially in low and middle-income countries.

This new series will explore topics around mentoring and career development, tackling the challenges through real stories and honest discussions from experts guests across the world. These conversation will offer valuable advice and information that’s freely accessible to everyone, demonstrating the importance of great mentoring to a community.

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Episode 1 – ‘What is mentoring?’

What is mentoring and where do you get started?

Guests: Grace Mwaura and Andres (Willy) Lescano
Soundbite: Dr. Joseph Tucker

Episode Description:

This episode will discuss the roles of a mentor, mentee and institutions. The guests will share their experiences in establishing and implementing a mentorship programme, and evaluate opportunities for LMICs against the HICs mentorship models.  The episode will also explore barriers to effective mentorship faced by LMIC researchers and institutions, and how to overcome these challenges.

Episode 2 – Establishing and Maintaining a mentoring relationship

Is mentorship a two-way street? Amel and Palwende share their experiences that have shaped their careers.

Guests: Amel Ghouila and Palwende Boua
Soundbite: Amel Ghouila

Episode Description: 

This episode will discuss how one can establish and effectively maintain a mentoring relationship. Our guests will share their different experiences in building and sustaining the relationships they have had with their mentors and mentees. We will also explore the dynamics of such relationships including effective communication, balancing the personal vs. professional, tools they used to facilitate the relationships, and their challenges and successes.

Episode 3 – Mentoring your mentor

How do you mentor your mentor and how establishing a structure can overcome some of the hurdles in building this relationship.

Guests: Monica Gandhi and Viya Mave
Soundbite: Dr. Joseph Tucker

Episode Description: 

In this episode we discuss mentoring and how you as the mentee can and should drive this relationship. The idea behind this episode is for mentees to drive the mentoring relationship. By having a structured approach, it can diminish the hierarchical structure you would expect. Monica and Vidya share their experiences of setting a standard in a new mentoring relationship.

Episode 4 – Engaging and Empowering youth

This episode highlights how giving engaging young people can bring fresh ideas

Guests: Chebet Chikumbu and Noxolo Gigaba
Soundbite: Emmanuela Oppong

Episode Description: 

A lot of mentoring is about the mentee directing the mentoring relationship. This is a skill that will build up over time and requires having confidence in ones-self. Global Citizen continues to tackle topical issues that affect the current world and future generations. Global Citizen is unique in getting people, especially involved in a call to action. This episode aims to discuss how we engage and empower the youth in that their voice matters. How does this voice then become action and how does the action become change.

Episode 5 – Imposter Syndrome

In this episode we will discuss what imposter syndrome is and how to get out of your own way. 

Guests: Daniela Robles and Oluwaseun Ogundele
Prologue: Isabela Malta

Episode Description: 

Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon when a person feels they are a fraud or don’t deserve their achievements and that you achieved them solely through luck. This phenomenon disproportionately affects women and people of colour, but anyone can succumb to it. It happens when someone cannot internalise their own success. In this episode we discuss these internal narratives and how to overcome them and ‘reach for the stars’!

Episode 6 – Burnout Syndrome

What is burnout, how can we recognise it and how do we tackle it at the personal and institutional level?

Guests: Beth Thompson
Sound Bite: Halle Rubera

Episode Description: 

In 2019, WHO redefined burnout, calling it a ’syndrome’ …and recognising it as an occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that hasn’t been successfully managed. Burnout is commonplace in the modern workplace owing to perfectionists and can even stem from imposter syndrome. In this episode we discuss what burnout is and how to get in front of it.

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