Building on the success of previous single cell genomics meetings, this year’s meeting will be held at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK.

Single cell genomics is rapidly emerging as a revolutionary technology transforming many fields of biological research, including immunology and cancer. Through its many applications (e.g. single cell genome sequencing, single cell transcriptomics, and various single cell epigenetic profiling approaches), researchers can characterize the genetic and functional properties of individual cells in their native conditions, leading to numerous experimental and clinical opportunities.

As technology is developing, many critical questions are arising:

  • Which technologies are going to set the standard in the field?
  • How many cells needed to be sampled? How should sampling be designed and optimized?
  • How can the behaviour of groups of hundreds or thousands of single cells be analysed and modelled?
  • What is the importance of modelling when precise single-cell-states are available?
  • How can single cell genomics and epigenomics be integrated?
  • What are the immediate implications for immunology, cancer research and germ cells?

These questions will be the focus of discussions at this year's meeting. This conference will bring together biologists,  methods developers, computational modellers and genomics researchers interested in understanding biological variation at the single cell level.

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