This week-long course aims to provide experimental biologists working on eukaryotic pathogens with hands-on experience in genomic-scale data analysis; including genome browsers and comparison tools, methods for data integration and resources for sophisticated data mining (including the EuPathDB search strategy system).

Examples and exercises will be drawn primarily from the and resources and will include a variety of eukaryotic parasitic organisms including Apicomplexa (ie. Plasmodium and Toxoplasma) and Kinetoplastida (ie. Trypanosoma and Leishmania). One important aspect is for the participants to understand the origin of the underlying data in the databases and how to analyse it. Applicants working on any organism included in these resources will benefit.

This course is taught as a collaborative effort between the Parasite Genomics Group (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK) and the Eukaryotic Pathogen Bioinformatics Resource Center (a multi-centre collaborative effort including the Universities of Georgia & Pennsylvania in the US and Liverpool in the UK). The majority of this intensive course will be based on hands-on exercises with lectures on genomics and bioinformatics techniques, in addition to keynote presentations by distinguished guest speakers.

Please note: The course is open to scientists and clinicins based in Latin American and Carribean institutes and there is no fee to attend. Bursaries are available to cover travel and accommodation expenses. There are 20 places available and the course will be taught in English.

Feedback from the 2015 course

-The atmosphere encourages learning and I love that aspect so much. Thank you for all of this.
-I would really like to thank all the instructors for this useful workshop. The course structure was really well planned.
-Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful training.
-Thank you very much for running this course. It's been absolutely fantastic and I really have learned how to use a
huge repertoire of tools. It's also been a fantastic thing to meet and mingle with members of the parasitology
community and to experience different cultures and attitudes to learning.

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