Next-generation sequencing has become the premier tool in genetic and genomic analysis. This laboratory-based course is directed at scientists who will be generating and interpreting sequence information in their research and wish to gain a better understanding of the techniques involved and their applications.

The course will include theoretical and practical information on all of the next-generation sequencing systems available and those on the near horizon. The laboratory element will cover a mix of technologies that will be determined nearer the time, but will be chosen from platforms including, PacBio, Illumina (Miseq, HiSeq) and Oxford Nanopore MinION. One aim of the course is to allow participants to make informed decisions about which technology to apply to solve specific research questions they may face in the future. A variety of applications will be covered (e.g., RNA-Seq, target enrichment, bacterial sequencing, cancer genomics, human variation analysis) along with all the basic techniques of post-sequencing analysis (QC, alignment, assembly, variant calling, etc.).

Please note: For the data analysis components of the course, applicants will require a working knowledge of the Linux operating system. This can be obtained by various methods and will be enforced.
This course is not meant to replace the manufacturers’ training normally supplied with new instruments, nor is it intended for applicants interested solely in data analysis (for which we offer a separate Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics course).

Feedback from the 2016 course

  • “The course was excellent and I got a huge amount out of it that is directly applicable to what I am doing, as well as useful for my future career. Evening activities were a lot of fun. In general, a very enjoyable and productive experience."
  • "It was really a great opportunity for me to be part of the training. i really gained a lot of knowledge. thanks to the organizers and the instructors, you are all wonderful."
  • "Excellent Course."
  • "Thank you very much for the course. Everything was much better than my most optimistic expectations."
  • "I'm very impressed- the whole course was incredibly well thought out and organised. Thanks to the course organisers."
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