Formerly known as Design and Analysis of Genetic-based Association Studies, this advanced course aims to give researchers involved in genetic disease studies a firm grounding in the use of the latest statistical methods and software for analysis of genetic association studies. This includes both small-scale disease-specific studies and large-scale collaborative projects including those that can be used for analysis of multiple complex traits such as UK Biobank.

The course will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the design and analysis of such studies. Each topic will include a lecture followed by a practical session in which state-of-the-art statistical software will be applied to relevant datasets. The practical sessions will illustrate the ideas presented in the lectures. All the software used will be freely available so that skills learned can be applied after the course.

The programme will also include seminars from internationally renowned researchers from the field of complex disease genetics, along with opportunities for participants to discuss their own research projects with course instructors and with each other.

Please note: To ensure participants benefit fully from the course, applications should include clear evidence of the following existing knowledge and experience:

  • a strong quantitative background (including some familiarity with statistics, mathematics or bioinformatics)
  • a reasonable level of computer literacy and should currently be engaged in relevant research.
  • a basic knowledge and understanding of genetics (both molecular genetics and concepts of inheritance/heritability)

Feedback from the 2016 course
"Great lecturers, great material."
"Just wish I had attended before!"
"Outstanding course - catered very well for participants from a wide range of backgrounds."
"Excellent course, very well laid out and structured."
"Excellent course overall. Compressed a large amount of material into a short timespan and balanced lectures and practicals to maximize the yield of the presented material."
"Really exceptional course. This is the best course that I have ever been on. thank you."
"I found the course to be excellent and the instructors did a very good job at teaching."

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