This new conference will celebrate the maturity of the ancient DNA field. The meeting will bring together genomic specialists, palaeontologists, archaeologists, primatologists, medical geneticists and other researchers interested in human evolution.

The combination of genome sequencing tools, recent archaeological and palaeontological discoveries is reshaping our understanding of both human evolution and history. This meeting will highlight the emerging archaeological discoveries and advances in ancient DNA methods that are transforming the field. For example, we will explore the use of genomic tools and large-scale analysis of ancient nuclear DNA to deciphering population mixing, complex migration patterns and the role of adaptive introgression in human evolution. The meeting will also include discussions of current developments and challenges of characterising the evolution and changing ecology of the human microbiome and the use of non-humans such as apes and other model species to learn about our own evolution.

We encourage participation from researchers and specialists interested in disseminating and learning the latest cutting-edge advances in sample analysis, genomic techniques and analytical tools used to study human evolution.

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