The Genomics of Common Diseases (GCD) committee and the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) are pleased to announce a joint symposium titled “Big Data Analytics for Genetics in Personalised Medicine”

The integration of large-scale human genomics and disease phenotypes data is offering new opportunities for personalised medicine. The joint symposium will focus on recent developments in analytical tools and resources that are facilitating big data integration, exploration, and usage in medicine. It will offer a platform for scientists interested in learning and sharing innovative tools and interfaces that improve up-to-date access to genetic data for making clinical decisions.

The symposium will offer a valuable training ground and rich learning experience for students and trainees, and provide networking opportunities for scientists across disciplines relevant to complex trait analysis and human diseases. It will be relevant for clinicians, research scientists, bioinformaticians and data users interested in integrating genomic results into the clinical setting.

This event will be held at the Wellcome Genome Campus on 9 September; following the GCD conference (6-8 September) and prior to the IGES meeting (9-11 September).

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