This popular course provides training in the latest laboratory techniques and bioinformatics tools necessary to discover protein interactions and understand protein function.

In addition to laboratory and computational training in individual techniques, the course provides the opportunity to discuss how these methods can be integrated/applied to complementary approaches and strategies for the study of protein interactions and networks.

Along with expert instructors, the practical programme will include lectures in topical areas as well as a panel of distinguished guest speakers, who will present the latest research in the field.

Learning outcomes
After attending the course, participants should be able to:

  • Evaluate and apply the principles and practices of different analytical methods for studying protein interactions and networks
  •  Identify the strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls of each method
  • Assess how complementary analytical techniques and approaches can be integrated to answer biological questions
  •  Identify suitable methods for their own research questions

Feedback from previous courses

  • It was a great pleasure to be here. This represents one of the most significant experience as a PhD student. I hope to come back again. Muchas gracias por todo!
  • I am grateful for giving me such valuable opportunity to learn state-of-art techniques from experts in the field. I would like to contribute to the community by successfully applying the knowledge that I learned here.
  • I was very happy to attend this course. the course planning, organization and execution was excellant and was mentored nicely. the information and sceitific knowledge gained by me in this course will be of immediate use to me and fasten my research. I am also grateful for bursaries that enabled me to attend this course.
  • Thank you all for this wonderful experience!
  • Thank you very much for the very well organized, interesting and very instructive course, it was a pleasure to attend!
  • Thank you all for a truly interesting week, I've returned to the lab and already feel more confident and independent. I was probably the least experienced person on the course, and the intensive lab work has benefitted me massively!

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