The future of microbiological diagnostics and infection epidemiology is increasingly centred on rapid molecular testing and the application of sequencing technology. Practitioners in these disciplines will have to process and interpret such data, which is very different from the familiar agar-centric clinical microbiology laboratories.

The Genomics and Clinical Microbiology course combines practical hands-on laboratory and bioinformatics work with faculty lectures by, and discussions with, leaders in this crucial, exciting, and expanding area. The aim is to equip clinical scientists, specialist registrars, and consultants in infection disciplines with sufficient understanding of these areas to meet these challenges.

The course will concentrate on the application of cutting-edge molecular and genomic techniques that can be implemented now, and explore new approaches that will enter practice in the near future. The programme will include sample collection and preparation, characterization of specimens with a variety of molecular techniques, and data interpretation using a variety of practical bioinformatic approaches.

The practical part of the course will provide laboratory and computer sessions that will examine the application of molecular (and specifically genomic) techniques to three example clinical problems in:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Enteric infections
  • Encapsulated bacteria

There will be demonstrations of the uses of different approaches in these clinical areas. Participants will use data generated on the course to make clinical and infection control decisions.

Please note: Limited bursaries are available for clinical and academic applicants from anywhere in the world to attend this course, and are awarded on merit. In addition, CPD accreditation will be sought from the Royal College of Pathologists.

Feedback from the 2016 course:

  • "This was the best course I have been on, bar none. It was a full schedule but very well paced and with plenty of time and opportunity to get into discussions with instructors/participants"
  • "Keep the course, it fills an important gap!"
  • "Overall, I thought the course was excellent and gave a real insight into the complexities and advantages of using genomic data and new sequencing approaches in my work. Thanks for the organisation and huge time commitment of the tutors. Also - what a fantastic group of participants! A real pleasure to meet everyone."
  • "I would like to sincerely thank all the organisers of this course for a truly wonderful week."
  • "One of the best courses I have attended - many thanks to all involved!"
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