This intensive, 2-week laboratory-based training course provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practical laboratory skills required for the genetic manipulation of mammalian stem cells, focusing on human iPS cells. Genome informatics, vector construction and genome editing strategies using CRISPR-Cas9 will be covered in interactive practicals and demonstrations, with discussions and lectures by international experts.

Laboratory work includes the use of CRISPR-Cas9 systems for advanced genome engineering and genetic screens, the design and construction of gene targeting vectors, the culture and transfection of human iPS cells and the derivation of iPS cells and organoid stem cells.

An emphasis will be placed on the integrated planning, design and successful experimental execution of gene targeting projects, allowing participants to gain the skills necessary to design, construct and target their own genes of interest.

Learning Outcomes
After attending this course, participants should be able to:

  • Assess targeting strategies within a genomic context, identifying suitable targets and evaluate CRISPR gRNAs.
  • Design and build vectors for CRISPR-assisted gene targeting using a variety of synthetic biology approaches.
  • Apply cellular reprogramming methods to derive induced pluripotent stem cells for human and mouse.
  • Undertake genome editing of human iPS cells, including manipulation of cells under culture conditions, applying different transfection techniques.
  • Apply knowledge of CRISPR based genetic screening approaches for both pooled and arrayed formats
  • Investigate new research techniques, exploiting tissue-derived organoids to explore gene function and cellular interactions

Feedback from the 2017 course
"Thank you to the teachers and the advanced courses team, it was really an incredible experience."
"Thank you so much for such an amazing learning and networking opportunity! I am awash with ideas and excited to implement all of what I learned to my own research!"
"This was by far and away the best course I've ever attended. Brilliantly put together with superb demonstrators, lab technicians, tutors, and guest speakers. I didn't want to go home!"
"As an early career scientist, closely interacting with instructors and other participants for two weeks gave me great insight into diverse fields and confidence in approaching my own work from new angles. I am sure I will benefit from attending this course for years to come and will try and share this with as many colleagues as possible."
"I want to thank all the organizers and people involved. This was really good experience!"

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