Run jointly with EMBL-EBI, this popular course provides hands-on training in the basics of mass spectrometry and proteomics bioinformatics, search engines and post-processing software, quantitative approaches, MS data repositories, the use of public databases for protein analysis, annotation of subsequent protein lists and incorporation of information from molecular interaction and pathway databases.

The course is aimed at research scientists with a minimum of a degree in a biological discipline, including laboratory and clinical staff, as well as specialists in related fields. The practical elements of the course will take raw data from a proteomics experiment and analyse it. Participants will be able to go from MS spectra, to identifying and quantify peptides and finally to lists of protein identifiers that can be analysed further using a wide range of resources.

The final aim is to provide attendees with the practical bioinformatics knowledge they need to go back to the lab and process their own data (including large datasets) when collected.

Feedback from the 2017 course
"The course is quite impressive, I will highly recommend this course."
"The course was excellent and I have learned a lot and happy to recommend."
"I am very satisfied with this course, thank you for all of your efforts!"
"Thank you for an excellent experience!"
"Many thanks! I really enjoyed the course, a great team job :)"
"Now I know so much more about proteomics than a week ago. And I know how to build on this knowledge. The social aspect was also brilliant. Thanks a lot for a fantastic week."

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Disease-Related Protein Interaction Networks (Course)
1-9 October 2018
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