Rapid advances in genome analysis technology have opened up new and exciting possibilities for studying the transcriptome and its function.

In particular, third generation, single molecule sequencing technologies and single cell technologies, combined with perturbation tools, allow the analysis of complete RNA species – both short and long - at high resolution. In parallel, these tools have opened new ways in understanding gene functions at the tissue, network and pathway level, as well as detailed characterization of their function.

This exciting new course will provide hands-on training in advanced laboratory and computational methodologies for the analysis of transcriptomes, including long non-coding RNAs and microRNAs, along with their post-transcriptional and epi-transcriptomic modification.

The programme will focus on new technologies for direct RNA sequencing, and complete single molecule cDNA sequencing, single cell RNA sequencing and the characterisation and analysis of non-coding RNAs (such as lncRNAs and microRNAs). Analysis of the epi-transcriptome, including RNA methylation and modification, will also be covered.

The practical programme will be complemented by distinguished guest speakers, who will present the latest research in this fast-moving field, along with opportunities for informal discussions.

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