We are delighted to announce the first conference on Plant Genomes in a Changing Environment. This meeting will bring together plant scientists working on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, on populations in their natural environment as well as crop species. It will provide a forum to discuss recent advances in plant genome biology aiming at the elucidation of gene function and networks, natural and induced variation and their implications in agricultural breeding programmes.

There is increased recognition of the role of plant sciences in addressing some of the most critical global challenges, such as environmental change and food security. Plant science lies at the centre of these challenges by providing the fundamental research required to produce healthier foods, adapt to and mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity and achieve this through the sustainable intensification of agriculture. The use of whole genome data has enabled researchers across different areas to drive the understanding of plant development and evolution and their potential contributions to a sustainable agriculture.

The conference will showcase the application of genomic techniques to understand genomes and how they vary across changing environments. It will provide a platform for the transfer of knowledge of diverse plant systems that differ in their ecology, physiology, genomic complexity and the tools that are available for research and aims to connect researchers from academia and industry.

* Image credit: Jason Wallace

Early Bird Deadline:
31 July 2018

Bursary Deadline:
14 August 2018

Abstract Deadline:
4 September 2018

Registration Deadline:
25 September 2018


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