Ecology, Evolution and Genomics of C. elegans and Other Nematodes

05 - 07 July 2018Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
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  • Summary

    We are pleased to announce the 5th Ecology, Evolution, and Genomics of
    C. elegans and other Model Nematodes conference. This meeting
    will highlight the power of worm systems and genomics to answer a range
    of ecological and evolutionary questions.

    The combination of genomic tools and experimental nematode systems has
    allowed us to answer mechanistic and evolutionary questions about what
    makes organisms and systems the way they are. In recent years, we have
    seen a growing number of successful studies conducting comparative
    functional genomics and quantitative genetic studies mapping genes to
    traits (e.g. life-history traits, behaviours, etc). In this meeting, we
    aim to highlight genomic resources and advances in growing fields such as
    transgenerational epigenetic inheritance, stress responses, worm-microbe
    responses, among others. We will review the strengths and challenges of
    both worms and bacteria as model systems to examine host-microbe
    interactions and evolution. The programme will also highlight new
    techniques and high-throughput methods to study biomolecules produced by
    worms to communicate and/or defend against pathogens and predators.

    This conference plays a critical role in promoting interaction and
    collaboration between evolutionary scientists training in C.
    tradition and the broader worm community. It is aimed at
    scientists using Caenorhabditis, Pristionchus and
    related species, and as well numerous animal- and plant-parasitic

  • Programme

    The conference will start at approximately 12.30 on Thursday, 5 July and
    close at approximately 14.00 on Saturday, 7 July 2018.

    Scientific topics include

    • Evolutionary developmental biology
    • Epigenetics and stress responses
    • Worm-microbes interactions 
    • Phenotypic variance and adaptation
    • Parasitism and pathogens
    • Mating systems and sexual interactions
    • Pheromone and communication 
    • Population biology and speciation
    • Genomics, gene editing and emerging techniques

    A programme
    is available.

  • Organisers / Speakers

    Scientific programme committee
    Marie Delattre Ecole Normale – Lyon, France
    Te-Wen Lo
    Ithaca College, USA
    Patrick Phillips
    University of Oregon, USA
    Erik Ragsdale
    Indiana University, USA

    Keynote speakers
    Mark Blaxter
    University of Edinburgh, UK
    Marian Walhout
    University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA

    Confirmed speakers
    Charles Baer University of Florida, USA
    Ryan Baugh
    Duke University, USA
    Lauren Booth
    Standford University, USA
    Rebecca Butcher
    University of Florida, USA
    Lise Frezal
    IBENS CNRS, France
    Eric Haag
    University of Maryland, USA
    Elissa Hallem
    Ben Lehner
    Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
    Annalise Paaby
    Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    Leah Houri-Ze’evi
    Tel-Aviv University, Israel
    Frank Schroeder
    Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University, USA
    Hinrich Schulenburg
    University of Kiel, Germany
    Emily Troemel
    UC San Diego, USA
    Nicole Vega
    Emory University, USA

    Conference organiser
    Zoey Willard Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

  • Registration / Accommodation

    Registration Fees:

    Early bird*
    until 10 April 2018

    from 10 April 2018

    Student No accommodation £154 £254
    Student On site twin accommodation £259 £359
    Student On site single accommodation £324 £424
    Academic No accommodation £254 £354
    Academic On site twin accommodation £359 £459
    Academic On site single accommodation £424 £524
    Commercial No accommodation £354 £454
    Commercial On site twin accommodation £459 £559
    Commercial On site single accommodation £524 £624

    The registration fee includes entrance to the lectures and poster
    sessions, an abstract book, meals (lunch and dinner) and refreshments
    during the conference. Breakfast will be provided for delegates who have
    booked accommodation.

    *Owing to space constraints, the early-bird discount rate is limited to
    100 delegates.

    Registration deadlines
    Early Bird registration: Closed
    Standard registration: Closed

    Accommodation is provided for the nights of 5 and 6 July 2018. Please
    note: there is limited onsite accommodation and this will be allocated on
    a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, early registration is

    If you wish to book onsite accommodation either side of the conference
    dates, please contact the Conference Centre directly.

    Travel visas
    Contact the conference organiser if you require a letter to support a
    travel visa application. Please note: letters will only be provided to
    confirmed registrants.

    Non-European Economic Area or Swiss nationals may be required to have a
    visa to enter the UK. 
    Early application is strongly advised, as this process can take 6-8 weeks
    or longer.

    Please visit the following websites for further information:
    UK Border Agency website and information for general visitors and business

  • Abstracts

    We welcome abstracts from all areas relevant to the main themes of the
    meeting, for both oral and poster presentations. Several oral
    presentations will be chosen from the abstracts submitted.

    Abstracts will only be considered from registered delegates. Please use
    our online abstract submission system and follow the instructions given
    to ensure your abstract is submitted correctly.

    If you have already completed your registration and then subsequently
    wish to upload an abstract, please follow the instructions below:

    • Log back into your registration account using either Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser.
    • Click on “Account” (at the top right-hand side of the screen).
    • Then click on “View account history”.
    • This will show a table of your event registrations, with the right-hand column giving the options to “Upload file” – click on this and select to upload an abstract.
    • Note that you will not receive another email confirmation that you have completed this, but it you wish to check that it has uploaded then you can log out of your account, then log back in again and you should then see your abstract attached to your registration.

    All abstracts must be submitted by the deadline. If you are intending to submit more than one abstract, please contact the conference organiser prior to registration.

    The scientific programme committee will assess your abstract after the
    deadline has passed and you will be notified whether you have been
    selected for an oral or poster presentation.

    Poster boards onsite will accommodate 118 cm high by 84 cm wide (A0-
    portrait) of printed material. Accepted abstracts will appear in the
    conference programme book and poster boards will be allocated at the

    Abstract deadline: Open for posters only

    Abstract guidelines can be viewed here.

  • Bursaries

    A limited number of registration bursaries are available for PhD students
    to attend this conference (up to 50% of the standard registration fee)
    from Wellcome Genome Campus Scientific Conferences.

    The following documents will need to be provided:

    • Abstract
    • CV
    • A justification letter from applicant
    • A supporting letter from supervisor stating financial need

    To apply, please contact the conference organiser.

    Bursary deadline: Closed

    Additional funding opportunities
    our Funding webpage
    for additional funding opportunities currently

  • Sponsors

    If you would like to support this meeting, please contact the conference