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Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics

20 - 24 August 2017Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
Deadlines (at 23:59 UTC):
  • Application & Bursary Deadline Closed

  • Summary

    The Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics, now in its 10th year,
    provides a unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by those that have
    shaped our understanding of human genomics over the past decade. Tutors
    at the school include scientific leaders who are advancing the field of
    human genomics, and former students are now at the forefront of much of
    this research. The course was re-named ‘The Leena Peltonen School of
    Human Genomics’ in 2011, as a tribute to Leena Peltonen.

    This is a fascinating time in human genetics and genomics, as the field
    moves beyond the cataloguing of associated variation towards functional
    analysis, biological understanding and translational implementation. The
    programme will cover a range of topics including our current
    understanding of the genomics of rare and complex human diseases. There
    will be sessions addressing gene regulation and functional analysis. The
    latest advances in sequencing technology and the future of whole genome
    and clinical sequencing will also be discussed.

    The schedule is interactive with presentations by the tutors and students
    on cutting-edge topics in human genomics. The summer school is more akin
    to a ‘science summer camp’ for graduate students with discussions and
    debates on the future of human genomics. The final programme is built
    around the research interests of the students. A unique feature of the
    summer school is the one-to-one mentoring on all aspects of genomics,
    including advice on publishing and pursuing an academic research career.

    Senior PhD students and clinicians undertaking graduate studies focused
    on human genetics and genomics are encouraged to apply. Applications from
    those who have completed a PhD in another area and have moved into
    genomics for their postdoctoral studies will also be considered. To
    optimize discussions and interactions with mentors, numbers are limited
    to 20 students.

    Feedback from previous students:
    “Leena Peltonen School of Human Genomics: one of the best experiences
    a genetics graduate student can have” (student from 2012)

    “I already recommended it to my colleagues. The course was a fantastic
    experience. The networking opportunities were fantastic, the discussions
    were plentiful and each one as interesting as the last. You get the
    opportunity of meeting the greatest people, you make new friends.
    Definitely one of the greatest experiences of my academic career.”
    (Student from 2013)

    This course is the perfect example of what good science is all about:
    collaboration, mentorship and networking (Student from 2015)

    “The course provided a unique opportunity to meet several experts in the
    field of human genetics and discuss science and career-related issues
    with them. It was also important to be able to share experiences with
    many other students who are currently in the same situation and trying to
    figure out what to do after completing PhD degree” (Student from 2015)

    “I loved the one-to-one sessions – it was great to have the opportunity
    to have the focussed attention of some of the world leaders in the human
    genomics field, and be able to ask them anything we wished. As well as
    helpful scientific discussion, we were able to get a lot of useful career
    advice and insight into how they got to where they are today” (Student
    from 2016)

  • Programme

    The summer school will start on Sunday, 20 August and close on Thursday,
    24 August 2017. This is a residential course. All students will stay
    onsite for the full duration to benefit fully from discussions and
    interactions with the faculty and other participants.

    Topics will include:

    • Structural variation
    • Complex traits
    • Gene regulation
    • Functional analysis
    • Complex metabolic traits
    • Nonhuman genomics
    • Rare diseases
    • Sequencing at large scale
    • Technology
    • Cancer genomics
    • Publishing and peer review 
    • Next generation sequencing

    A draft programme*
    is available.

    *Please note: the final programme is built around the research interests
    of the students accepted onto the summer school.

  • Instructors / Speakers

    Scientific programme committee
    Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
    Vanderbilt University, USA
    University of Geneva, Switzerland
    University of Oxford, UK

    Confirmed tutors
    Carl Anderson Wellcome Trust Sanger
    Institute, UK
    Washington University School of Medicine, USA
    Paul de Bakker Vertex Pharmaceuticals,
    Anna Di Rienzo
    University of Chicago, USA
    Antigone Dimas Fleming Institute, Greece
    Richard Gibbs Baylor College of Medicine,
    Helena Kilpinen University College London,
    Cecilia Lindgren University of Oxford, UK

    Ruth Loos Icahn School of Medicine at Mount
    Sinai, USA
    Jim Lupski Baylor
    College of Medicine, USA
    Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
    Ben Neale Massachusetts General Hospital,
    Len Pennacchio Lawrence Berkeley National
    Laboratory, USA
    Magdalena Skipper Altius Institute for
    Biomedical Sciences, USA
    Nicole Soranzo Wellcome Trust Sanger
    Institute, UK
    Cisca Wijmenga University Medical Center
    Groningen, The Netherlands

    Event organiser
    Laura Hubbard Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

  • How to Apply


    Registration with Twin Accommodation  £566.00
    Registration with Single Accommodation  £691.00

    The fees include accommodation, meals and lectures for the duration of
    the summer school. The fee will be requested once acceptance is

    This is a residential summer school. All participants will stay at The
    Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge, for the
    nights of 20, 21, 22 and 23 August 2017. For twin accommodation, 
    roommates will be allocated on a gender basis.

    If you wish to book onsite accommodation either side of the summer
    school/course dates, please contact the Conference

    Application deadline: Closed

    Places on this summer school are limited to 20 students and will be
    awarded on merit. Senior PhD students and clinicians undertaking graduate
    studies focused on human genetics and genomics are encouraged to apply.
    Applications from those who have completed a PhD in another area and
    have moved into genomics for their postdoctoral studies will also be
    considered. The selection process will take place in June 2017.

    The following will need to be provided in your application*:

    • Qualifications and justification for attendance
    • A list of relevant publications
    • An outline of current research
    • Supervisor’s details: your supervisor will then receive an e-mail requesting a supporting statement to complete your application.

    Please note: Applications cannot be considered without a
    supervisor’s supporting statement.

    Travel visas
    Please contact the event organiser if you require a letter to support a
    travel visa application. Note that letters will be provided to confirmed

    Non-European Economic Area or Swiss nationals may be required to have a
    visa to enter the UK.
    Early application is strongly advised, as this process can take 6-8 weeks
    or longer.

    Please visit the following websites for further information:
    UK Border Agency website:

    Information for general visitors and business visitors:

  • Bursaries

    The summer school is heavily subsidised by the Advanced Course and
    Scientific Conferenes programme. There will also be a limited number of
    bursaries available (up to 50% of the course fee).

    The following documents will need to be provided to the conference

    • CV
    • Covering letter
    • Letter of support from supervisor

    To apply, please contact the event organiser.

    Bursary deadline: Closed

  • Sponsors

    If you are interested in supporting this event, please contact the event organiser