02 - 03 July 2018Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK
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  • Summary

    We are pleased to announce the new Wellcome Genome Campus
    Hackathon.  This intensive two-day event will provide participants
    with an opportunity to creatively and collaboratively address a relevant
    challenge in the sphere of genomes and biodata. Participants will develop
    solutions that offer impact while honing their creative, communication
    and entrepreneurial skills.

    The hackathon will be organised around several areas related to the use
    of genomics and biodata to improve health outcomes. For example, how can
    we use data to find new opportunities to diagnose and treat disease? How
    can we capture and curate biodata more effectively? How can patients
    share their data to benefit society? How can artificial intelligence
    improve the use of biodata in healthcare?

    Participants will work in teams alongside mentors and advisors from a
    range of companies and organisations. These advisors will coach
    participants through the steps required to turn a novel idea or
    technology into a successful business. The outputs of all teams will be
    presented at the end of the event, with a range of prizes awarded for
    innovative solutions and outstanding or noteworthy efforts throughout the

    Who should attend?
    PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, business students, scientists
    from pharma, biotech companies, local Universities, incubators, venture
    builders and investors and others interested in the following:

    • Inspiration to consider entrepreneurial and alternative career pathways and the confidence and intent to start to discover the possibilities and opportunities.
    • Developing core transferable skills and knowledge for enterprise and entrepreneurship – including creativity, networking, communication and team working skills.
    • Developing personal networks in terms of both their peers and connecting with entrepreneurial individuals and organisations.
    • Gaining an appreciation of the innovation process and the steps required to take novel ideas and technologies forward into business opportunities or impactful solutions.
  • Challenges

    #BioDataHack will start with registration 9.30am on 2
    July and finish at 3.30pm on 3 July 2018.

    Advisors/mentors will coach participants through the steps required to
    turn a
    novel idea or technology into a successful business. Participants
    will work in teams alongside
    mentors and advisors from a range of
    companies and organisations to solve one of the hackathon

    Hackathon challenges

    • How can we map disease-drug target relationships using artificial intelligence and/or machine
    • How can we combine data and genetic testing to intelligently prescribe drugs?
    • How can we use mobile technology to transform biological data processing?
    • How can we design a
      clinical trial around the patient’s home?
    • How can we predict opportunities to repurpose
      drugs to treat unmet patient need?

    For full details on challenges, see here.

    There will also be a series of inspirational talks from leaders working
    in biotech and venture capital.

    A draft programme is available.

  • Organisers / Speakers

    Programme committee
    David Hulcoop
    GSK, UK
    Joanna Mills
    Wellcome Genome Campus, UK
    Hilary Stephenson Sigma Consulting Solutions, UK

    Confirmed speakers
    l Boston
    Consulting Group, USA
    Ideabatic, UK
    Congenica, UK
    Sigma Consulting Solutions, UK

    Event organiser
    Laura Hubbard Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

  • Registration / Accommodation

    Registration fees:

    Registration with no accommodation – £50.00
    Registration with single accommodation – £65.00*

    The registration fees include entrance, all meals and refreshments during
    this two day event.  Accommodation on Campus is optional; please
    book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are limited.

    Registration deadline: 19 June 2018

    Accommodation is provided for the night of 2 July 2018

    *Because to the generous support received from our event
    partners, hackers will be able to secure overnight accommodation at a
    heavily subsidised rate of just £15.00 per night, compared with the
    normal rate of £71 per night.

    Please note: there is limited onsite accommodation and
    this will be
    allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore,
    registration is recommended.

    If you wish to book onsite accommodation either side of the event dates,
    please contact the Conference

  • Sponsors

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